Training Overview

The PHP Training course designed by Web Clinical Works trains the students on Core and Advanced topics of PHP with other tools like Joomla, WordPress, Drupal using Live Projects.

Web Clinical Works has years of experience in developing and deploying hundreds of projects using PHP. This software development experience is very valuable in teaching the students everything they require to learn a true development environment.

With the best industry experienced developers as faculties, Web Clinical Works delivers the best PHP Training with Live Project to make students learn PHP and get placement immediately after finishing their course.

Why Web Clinical Works?

  • Awarded Best Institute for IT Software Training
  • Government Training Partner
  • Dedicated team of 250 Developers and Trainers
  • Web Clinical Works is a reputed software development company and has developers working for us.
  • Student can select Live Project Definition and deploy project in cloud which can be shown in viva and interviews
  • Interview Support and Confirm Placements
  • Full time Java Developers/ Faculty to support in Lab

Training Goals

  • Code and deploy a web application that they have developed using PHP
  • Have a detailed understanding of PHP architecture, design and functionalities available.
  • Use the newer functionalities available in PHP
  • Use Javascript and AJAX to have best of class user interface for the application
  • Deploy the application in the cloud to show during interviews and potential clients.

Class Materials

Each student at Web Clinical Works is provided a specially designed PHP Book that has detailed description with exercises, code and examples of PHP. This book has been written by people who have years of experience developing PHP web applications. The book also includes interview questions that are asked during interviews.

Theory/ Practical/ Project Ratio

Web Clinical Works has always maintained a very heavy ratio of Live Project/ practical base for effective learning. We normally maintain a ratio of 80% Practical and 20% theory

Future Scope

In the last 7-8 years PHP has been growing at a tremendous pace and we see this trend to continue. The PHP open source community continues to provide enhancements and better security features which allows it to compete and gain market share from other competing languages/ frameworks like Java, ASP.Net.

Live Projects

Students select from a wide variety of live projects available and can deploy projects in the cloud to show during interviews and final semester presentations. Each student is helped to create flow charts, DFD diagrams, Database Designs, Front End design, Software Development and QA.

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